Fricke Finance & Legal was founded in 2002 as an independent, specialist recruitment consulting firm for professionals and executives in the domains of finances and law. Our company is managed on the basis of partnership and therefore acts free from the influence of third parties. With our concept we are aiming to combine the benefits of conventional Executive Search and the Anglo-Saxon Recruiting philosophy to offer our clients and candidates service at its best.

Fricke Finance & Legal sees itself as a recruitment consulting firm for filling a range of positions from top management level through to highly skilled specialists. As a reliable partner, we are pursuing a long-term and sustained relationship. Our clients come from a wide range of national and international companies in the Financial Services and Consulting sectors as well as in various segments of industry.

Our personal services are not based on ready-made concepts, but rather on individual solutions for the recruitment of the adequate candidate. As specialized recruitment consulting firm we are used to identifying the challenges of the market early on and to develop the according recruitment strategy together with you.

Knowledge of the market and of human nature are the essential prerequisites for the right personnel decisions. You can rely on Fricke Finance & Legal to be your competent and established partner who has all the required skills and knowledge. We strive to maximize satisfaction in your personal work environment.

Professionalism, openness, honesty, naturalness and fairness are defining our corporate culture. Understand us as uncomplicated, straightforward service providers!