Essential parameters for a successful recruitment are a clear definition of the sought-after profile, constant communication in the course of the recruiting process, promptness and individual management of the whole project by one consultant.

Our proceeding for each recruiting project derives from these four parameters of success:


We need to get acquainted with your philosophy, your goals and with the business of your organization. Additional important prerequisites are background information about the vacant position as well as about the desired profile of the candidate.

The close involvement of all parties results in a well-defined starting position in this phase of the recruiting project and thereby provides a basis for a successful and long-term filling of positions.

Tasks and Requirements

The briefing will lead to setting up a detailed profile of the candidate and of the position.

On the one hand, these profiles depict the tasks of the future holder of the position – including a description of the organizational environment and of the integration into the organization. On the other hand, these parameters are the basis for the establishment of a competency profile of the successful candidate. Apart from professional requirements, especially demands regarding the personality will be defined.

Based on this briefing we will recommend to you a combination of different cost- and time-effective search methods, and will determine them together with you.

Search Methods

The search methodology generally consists of the following ways of recruitment:

  • Search for adequate candidates in the database of Fricke Finance & Legal
  • Direct contact by our own, professional research team
  • Active networking by Fricke Finance & Legal
  • Additional advertisement packages, designed for the respective position, to accompany the candidate search.

The different methods are combined according to the individual requirements of the recruiting project.

Being a founding member of the United Executive Search Group (, we additionally offer our clients transnational, professional service in order to recruit candidates in the most important European financial centers.

Selection of candidates (Shortlist)

Depending on the search method and position to be filled, we will provide you with a list of suitable candidates within 2 to 4 weeks. Out of all potential candidates, we will short-list some candidates by evaluating relevant candidates regarding their academic qualification and their operative and social competencies in a personal interview.

If possible, we will complete the selection of candidates with a reference check. Subsequently, we will compile for you all relevant documents of the adequate candidate in a timely manner. You will receive the CVs of the candidates and additional crucial data such as notice period and current income including a description of the person regarding their most important personality traits.


We will make all arrangements for your interviews with the relevant candidates. After each interview we will contact both you and the candidate to analyze possible questions, tendencies or ambiguities. We thus prepare further meetings and guarantee a smooth progress.

Decision process and phase of integration

Especially during the phase of the contract offer we will – as independent advisor – be in close contact with you and with the successful candidate and will support you with the final selection. This is true also for the contract negotiations. Finally, we will track the integration phase of the candidate into your company by staying in contact with both contractual parties.